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Located in Northern California, RS Rich Enterprises, Inc. provides a consortium of talent services for all artists in the entertainment industry. Whether an artist is just beginning in their field, or is considered to be seasoned or experienced, it's important to have a team to help guide you to success. Artist Management, Business Plans, Production Services, Actor Training & Coaching, Consultation, Marketing Services, Script Writing Assistance and Showcase Creation are the incredible professional services our team provides.

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Artist Management Services

​We provide specialized professional quality management services to a select few actors and singers to help build your brand to a higher visibility to those who matter. ​We ensure that our entertainers understand how to handle their career as a business.

Business Plans

Any business, including entertainers, need a business plan to map the future, support growth, to develop and communicate a course of action, to help manage cash flow, and to support a strategic exit. Let us help your business to develop a professional plan.

Production Services

​We develop and produce quality demo reels, commercials, films and web series. Visit our Production page to learn how to hire our team for your project.

Actor Training & Coaching

Actors need continuous training to ensure they stay current with industry standards. We provide quality training and coaching to actors based on some of the best training from Los Angeles and New York.​

Consulting Services

If training or coaching isn't what you need, but just a bit of advice to help make good decisions about your career, consulting is the way to go. ​RS Rich provides industry-specific professional advice

Marketing Services

We provide marketing services to any business that will appeal to your target market persuading them to buy or hire. Coupled with our dynamic business plan services, marketing your product or service will strategically appeal to the buyer or hiring agent's needs.

Script Writing Assistance

​Serious script writers need professional guidance to help them bring their script to a competitive status to agents, managers, buyers and audiences. We help serious script ideas and writers to create professional scripts for film.

Showcase Creation

An actor creates a showcase to sell their unique brand, your quality and range in a role in which you wish to be cast. Your performance must not only be good, but casting directors must see where they can cast you and agents must see how they can book jobs for you.


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