Sandra Dee Richardson


Sandra Dee established RS Rich Enterprises in 2011 and incorporated in 2016. She established RS Rich Productions in 2013. Sandra earned her degree in Business Communications with an emphasis on marketing and also minored in theater. She split her time working in the federal government for over two decades, while also working in the entertainment industry. Since 1984, Sandra has stayed busy in professional modeling, dance, singing, commercials, film, theater and television. She expanded her talents from in front of the camera to being behind the camera casting talent for Berman Talent, Golden Eagle Films, RS Rich Productions, Northern California Film Coalition and several other Independent Film Companies. She expanded into producing and directing films in 2012.



Sandra hosted the award winning documentary, "Heaven is Home (2014)" which was her first documentary directed by Nancy Hamilton Myers.

RS Rich Productions is producing their second film, Nine Lives with the assistance of Golden Eagle Films. RS Rich Productions is also working on future projects, one of which is based on their book Southern Secrets, Sins of the Past. The historical fiction story has already gained the attention of several industry giants.

Sandra's initial professional training was gained from the Robert Conrad Studios in Burbank California where she studied Meisner. Since then she has studied at four other training centers and as hired three private coaches to help her hone her craft. She has worked directly with two production companies to increase her knowledge of production and recently became a member of the Northern California Film Coalition to expand her skills.

RS Rich's first film, Never Alone (2014), was co-produced with Golden Eagle Films and won two REMI Awards in the film and video categories. Sandra used her Acting and marketing expertise for the film Jesus, The Desire of Ages (2014), which also won a REMI Award and has expanded to over 70 countries.


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Rick Richardson

Vice President

Rick Richardson joined RS Rich Productions as Vice President in 2013. Rick earned his Bachelors in Liberal Arts and Business from Idaho State University and worked for the State of California as a Communication's Manager and Analyst. Rick joins the film and model industry in 2011 and has numerous films and professional modeling projects to his credit. His Business experience and film industry experience has equipped him with the essentials necessary to run a sound productions company.

As Vice President, Rick oversees the financial obligations and daily operations with wife, Sandra Dee. Rick became a published author in 2012 with the co-authored book, Southern Secrets, Sins of the Past and will released his second book, I Am My Father, Hard As Nails in 2015. The productions company is prepping to turn each book into a film.