Artist Management

Our talent department provides personal management representation to actors for modeling, film & television and for vocalists. We are a selective organization with few clients. We keep it that way to fulfill our goal to provide high quality service to the selected few. We screen our potential clients to ensure they are a perfect match for our services before signing them on as a client.

To attract and motivate businesses to hire our Actor/Actress, model and singer clients, we have a variety of processes in place that help to design and develop the client making them televion, stage ot film ready.

To be considered for professional management, complete the CONTACT FORM and submit. Include links to all social media, IMDB or your personal website and upload your headshot in the appropriate area. We will contact you with our response within five working days.

Talent Projects

Our Talent


Rick Richardson

Actor / Model

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.11.18 PM

Brandon Royce

Singer / Actor /model


Sandra Dee

Actress / Model / Director / Producer



Actor / Model

Actress / Model

Aubree Jackson

Actress / Model

Braelyn Milan Model


Mitch Thompson

Actor / Model

Isabella Walters

Actress / Model


Congratulation to the entire Marvel clan. Mama Bear Rilma Marvel is one of the most dedicated, supportive and focused moms we have ever worked with in this industry. With four little ones and one bundle of joy on the way, she manages to be equally focused on each of her children and their careers. It was a pleasure training and working with the Marvel clan, but we are equally excited to see them settle into an even larger industry arena in the LA/Hollywood market with their new Agents and Managers.

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